Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plan B: Santa Tereza

So we flagged down yet another taxi and asked him to take us up to Santa Tereza.  My good friend from college, Amy Fairbanks, had recommended a restaurant with an amazing view in this barrio.  We figured by the time we got there, they'd be open for lunch.  We twisted and turned all of the way up steep hills until we arrived at the place!  It was gorgeous!  It looked like a hidden treehouse tucked in the side of a mountain.  And the view was breathtaking.  We hopped out of this taxi, only to find that it was closed on Mondays.  Are you serious?!  Luck was not with us today.    

 So, we had the taxi take us down into the beautiful, artsy, busy part of town so we could walk around and find a place to eat.  We stopped at one of the first places we saw and it turned out to be not only pleasing for my camera lens, but for our stomachs as well!

 Can't even remember what was going on here, but I love every one of these expressions.


 Now that we were satisfied, it was time to explore!  We were ready to hit the pavement and get to know this quirky town!

 Sooooo much character here.  You have the ridiculously wealthy and the "survivors" living side by side.  Or at least above and below each other.  Check out this home constructed on the side of a sheer mountain!  

 Once we got above the tree-line, we could see the big mansions sitting pretty above the makeshift homes below.

 That's a nice garage door ;) 


Maybe this day wasn't turning out to be so trying after all!  

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