Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Playa de Tortugas

We spent a couple of days on the beach doing nothing but going from pool to sand back to pool again .  It was glorious.  But there was still the rest of Busios that we needed to see!!!  We talked with one woman who said we had to check out Playa de Tortugas.  We woke up this day to some threatening clouds, and so we decided it was a good day to hop in the car and check out the rest of our surroundings.

So, our first stop around the peninsula was Turtle Beach.  We had to see what was so incredible about this place.

I knew the moment we arrived that we wouldn't be staying long.  It was definitely a sight to see, but not our style.  Every inch of sand was covered in umbrellas and chairs.  We are talking zero personal space.  Behind those where these little huts with little "restaurants" and the people working in the huts would try to convince you to come down and sit in front of their hut.  It was free!  Was the persuasion.  With the hope that you got hungry or thirsty enough that you would eventually order something.  Music was playing loudly and it was one big party with hardly anyplace to move.   

The "huts"
No breathing room.  Just how most Brazilians like it.  Life is one big party.  
We teased the kids a bit and said that we were going to stay here all afternoon and Kate was livid.  
"Why would we leave our perfectly beautiful beach to spend time here??? "  Was her protest.  Exactly my thoughts as well.  So we reassured the kids that we were just site seeing and we'd be on our way in no time ;)
Catch and cook :)  She was preparing the fish right in front of us in her little hut.
Party Boat.
Brazil and Argentina...united by Acai.  I thought this sign was hysterical!  Had to capture it as we hopping in our car and drove to the next spot.  

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