Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rio: Leblon beach is hard to resist

The answer to that question is:


Interesting to note the personality differences.  Jake just threw himself into the water screaming with delight.  Didn't even think twice that he was fully clothed.   Kate watched him do it, looked at me, and asked, "Can I really get in with my clothes on?!"  There was a slight smile to one side and a sparkle in her eye.  When I responded with a "Sure, why not!"  She giggled and slowly made her way into the water, wondering if this was for real.  I love vacations.
We were able to at least get Luke's shirt off before he saw what was happening and got in on the action.

I love sandy, smiling faces.

Yes, his shorts are on backwards.   Yes, he likes to dress himself.  Yes, his cute bum is so small that it really doesn't matter which way his pants are on.  Yes, he is so cute.

And we finally got Jake's water-logged shirt off of him so he wouldn't sink.  He was feeling pretty good.

Check out that V of birds!!!!!!!!!!!!  Biggest one I have ever seen!

And the dark clouds began to roll in...

I pray they will always be close.

That smile says it ALL!

"Did you just say there are no towels?!"

First day and we were impressed.  
The sand is softer, the water warmer...
and the bugs BIGGER!!!!
This was going to be a LOT of fun.  It was time to get home, get our "beach clothes" off  and climb in bed.

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