Monday, February 9, 2015


So here it is.  The town of Busios.  Our little hotel is right where the red circle is on the bottom left.  Prime location.  So happy we listened to our friends and booked this place.  It doesn't matter that the credit card machine at the hotel was having issues and wouldn't accept our card even though I had called our credit card company 3 times to let them know that the charge would be coming and I didn't get the message and they cancelled our reservation for the suite to fit 5 people-and when I finally found out 3 days later and tried to reserve it again, it was already booked so they put us up in 2 separate rooms right next to each other-- boys in one room and girls in the other.  How was that run-on sentence?!!  It was still worth it.  We couldn't have picked a better spot.  
The next day we awoke, had breakfast right on the back porch and then headed out to enjoy the sand...

After seeing all of the cool sand castles in Rio, Kate was determine to make some of her own cool creations with the help of dad.  They were pretty darn impressive if you ask me.  

There were venders walking up and down the beach selling everything from sunglasses, bathing suit "cover ups" and hats, to corn on the cob!!!  This guy walked back and forth, dragging his little stand behind him as people came up to him by the masses to get their corn on the beach.  Awesome.  
While Joe and Kate were making their sand creations, the boys and I would go back and forth between the pool and the beach.

It was perfect.  
And then everyone ended up in the hot tub for a good soak.  

It really doesn't get better than this.  
We even made some good friends from Argentina while we were here and the kids had a blast together!  At one point in the pool, we heard all of the kids counting first in English, then Spanish, then Portuguese as they raced from one end of the pool to the other.  LOVED it.  

We also discovered that the doctors here make house calls!  I wasn't getting any better.  My cough was now in my chest and I was having a hard time breathing.  I knew I had something rough.  So, we asked the front desk where the nearest clinic was and they said, "Oh, you can go and wait down there or he can just come to you!"  All right then!  So, I made an appointment and sure enough he came to my hotel room and did the entire check up right there!  Bronchitis isn't fun, but this whole concept was cool!!!  He wrote me up my prescriptions and then said that the medicine would be delivered to the hotel within 2 hours.  Are you serious?!!!!  What service!  I was all for it.  
 Then we headed out to down town to grab some dinner.  It was so cool.  We would definitely be coming back the next day to see it in the sunlight!
 Love this Daddy Daughter sitting across from me.
Love this mother son side of the table.

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