Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rio: Sugar Loaf Part 2

 After seeing all of the beautiful vistas, we decided a little acai was in order.  LOOK at that rainbow of color!  The mango, granola, acai was our absolute favorite.  

Some ride up, look around, and come back down. 
 Others choose to rock climb while taking in the views :)

 Love this picture of my boys

 After getting our fill, it was time to head up even higher to the very top of Sugar Loaf.

 And just in time too, because the rain was beginning to fall.

 Check out the birds flying way below us!
 We made it to the top, now it was time to go explore a little bit!

 Luke picked his snacks to keep him happy.  Ruffles and Pringles.  Nice combo, bud.  He wasn't letting anyone get hear him.

 I had no idea there would be all sorts of walkways and paths and vistas at the top!  I figured we would get off of the tram and do a 360 degree view of our surroundings and head back down.  But there were so many little walks to go on!  We loved it!

 Ants are just bigger here. 

 Someone is worried that an ant this big will surely bite her finger ;) 

Our 3 babes.

  Brazilian ants also have superhero strength

 The clouds came in fast and the rain really started coming down.  It was time to make our way back.

 One last family photo of where we had just come from

 The boys showing off their Official Brazilian World Cup Futbol jerseys and their Brazilian monkeys as we made our way back to the final descent.

 Into the abyss...

 It took the rain a few minutes to catch up to us once we were on solid ground.  So we went to check out the beach...

 What an amazing place!  I'm so grateful we were able to visit and have moments of blue sky!

 We flagged down a taxi and headed to Porcao.  A very famous asado restaurant in Rio.  
Everyone was hungry and ready to eat!!!
 Great view behind us of where we had just been! 

 And an endless supply of meat...

Despite Kate's face in this picture, everyone was happy.  It had been a great day!

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Kimberly S said...

Joe's shirt reminded me that I have our Christmas cards still hanging on the wall (the boys like to look at them). The sister missionaries were over for dinner on Sunday and one of them is originally from Samoa. She saw your "Mucho Aloha" card and got a kick out of it :)