Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And That's It!

After making our way through downtown, we got int our car and rode the rest of the way around the peninsula as the sun began to set.  
 This is the Argentine portion of Busios.  They speak Spanish in this little bay, not Portuguese.  Apparently they felt like they needed to stake out a spot and call it there own?

There were little lookout spots all of the way around the coast.  We stopped at every single one of them and Jake was my stalwart companion.  What a beautiful gem this place is.  

We wrapped up an unbelievable vacation with a little silliness that was captured by Kate.  

All he wanted was a nap.  

Not looking like that was gonna happen!  I'm sure our neighbors were happy to see us go!
They wore their Brazilian futbol jerseys out and we wore them out!
Couldn't have asked for better.  Brazil was good to us. 

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