Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Getting a Taste of Downtown

From Turtle Beach we headed back to the cutest little downtown to check it out in the daylight.  
Did you wonder for just a second?  No, they aren't real. 
I couldn't get enough of the colorful boats everywhere!

Checking out the fish
This is the French actress who put Busios on the map.  It was her favorite spot to escape.  The world began to notice :)

The little water taxis that were running back and forth from the cruise ship with folk stopping in for a few hours.

Kate really wanted to create one of these.

We took her to lunch instead ;)

Love this

Her picture is everywhere :)
One of my favorite guys

Two of my favorites thinking they are hilarious

We LOVED this quaint, little town.


Yay!  We managed a family photo!!

Enjoying our stroll 

Busios.  We love it. 

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