Sunday, March 1, 2015

Surprise!! Summer Vacation Just Keeps Going!

Well, we got home from our wonderful trip and were ready to jump right into school the next day, only to find that there had been a strike and school was postponed for another 2 weeks.  
What to do?!!!!  
 Joe left on another business trip, so Jake got creative.  He got into floor art using what he could find and made Abstract Joe.  How cute is that?!!  His creativity is beyond me.  I am so impressed.
 We also spent most of our days in the pool with friends...
 And even took advantage of some of the awesome Christmas gifts we had been given
(Thanks, Hansens!  This was a total hit!)
The tricky part was getting that thing up to the roof!  It didn't exactly fit in our stairwell ;)

We got to sleep in just a little bit longer!  I love this little body.  It's perfect.
Snoozing kiddos are perfect in every way.
Those freckles.  That nose.  Those lips.

 February 14th!

Valentine's Day could now be celebrated at home with Nutella and a fancy breakfast :)  Sweet!

 And we even had a freak hailstorm that came out of nowhere.  Scared Maple to death!  We found the poor thing in the bathroom corner and she stayed there for the rest of the day.

We got haircuts!

And learned a few new tricks.
I wish summer lasted all year long!

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