Friday, March 13, 2015

Mad Scientists at Work

Our first experiment was to figure out what would happen when you fill a ziplock bag of water up and poke a pencil all of the way through the bag.

 We made our predictions and wrote down our thoughts and then tested it!!!  We started with our easiest, least messy experiment to get the kids prepped for what was to come.  

Next, the kids needed to figure out what would happen when baking soda and vinegar react in a water bottle with a balloon on top.

 They thought this was AWESOME.  Squeals and screeches of delight when those balloons started inflating "on their own!!!!!"

 Joe and I tag team so well together.  Maybe we need to acknowledge that that may have come from our team teaching seminary days right after we were married?  I dunno.  Some of those days were TOUGH.  Let's not mention when we'd tag team sleeping through our alarms together and completely miss class altogether!!!! (That only happened 2 twice ;) 
But whatever it was, we do tend to work well together.  We had a huge inflatable slide brought in for the afternoon so after each experiment, we'd send the kids to jump around a bit while we hurried and cleaned up and set up for the next experiment.  


 Next up?  Time for a little SLIME.

Everyone read over the instructions a number of times to make sure they understood and went to work. 
 They quickly realized how messy this was going to be and it just intensified their excitement.  

 Everyone wanted to make sure the consistency of their slime was just right.

 Liam's won for best color.

 I love this one of Jake.   I can hear his laugh perfectly when I see this. 

 Once everyone's slime was ready, we got a little wild.

 This was soooooo fun.  But definitely needed the kids to get on that bouncy house and stay on that bouncy house while we did a complete hose-down of our backyard to rid it of the ooze.

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