Sunday, March 1, 2015

Date Night

We were really good about dating each other for a while.  Then Joe found out he got the new job.  Then he was doing the current job with added responsibility because the CEO hadn't been hired yet + the new job + interviewing a bunch of people for the new job +  focusing on all that goes on with an international move (it really is overwhelming) + the usual stuff (church callings, kids activities, homework, kumon....did I mention kid's activities?)  Oh, and travel.  There seemed to be lots of travel through all of this!  Anyway, things were a wee bit stressful around the Berryhill household.  
Then one day Joe came home and said, "We need to find a great venue for the conference we are hosting."  So we volunteered ourselves to be the guinea pigs to see if the potential place was a winner.  

We got to enjoy a beautiful sunset on Cerro San Cristobal at a restaurant called Enoteka.  
And the food was just about as good as the view :)
Wow!!!  Was it pretty!!  It's amazing what 1 night out can do for a couple.  Even if you are talking about your to-do lists!  We both needed a change of scenery and this seemed to do that trick!!!

We were treated with herbal tea and a full moon rising behind the mountain to end our evening.  It was incredible!  Love trying new places.  Love doing it with Joe.  Seemed I was finally able to take a deep breath after that evening out!  

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