Friday, March 13, 2015

Jake's Big Day

On March 22, 2015, Jake would be turning the big 7!!!  I love birthdays!!!  It's difficult to find good party supplies down here, and we knew that Joe would be heading to the states for some sort of meeting, so I asked Jake back in January what type of party he would like to have.  "A Science Party!!!!  Where we do all sorts of experiments!!!!!!"  
Not what I was expecting, but I have learned never to assume and expect what will come out of his mouth.  I've been wrong way too many times.  And so, the Mad Scientist Party was put into action.  We ordered the necessities and I started looking around for some ideas.  Ok, let's be honest.  I ordered the necessities in January and started searching for ideas about a week before.  

 Each Scientist would be given a white lab coat, safety goggles, a pencil, a Secret Science Lab Notebook complete with their official thumbprint upon arrival, experiments to be carried out, along with space for them to write their hypotheses and their observations.  And of course a little candy and a crystal growing experiment to take home with them.  I was really excited.  I couldn't wait!!!

We decided to do his party a bit early because some of his closest friends would be leaving Chile and we wanted to make sure that they were there with us to celebrate Jake.  So, the day came and it was time to make it official.   Kate, Jake and Luke got first dibs on the Photo Booth together while we waiting for friends to arrive.  

And then it was time for us to officially welcome our Mad Scientists.

 Jake and Paden


 The whole gang was here!  
(Unfortunately we were missing Russell because he was sick.)
 So once the Scientists helped me document this memory...
It was time to go to work.  

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