Friday, October 3, 2014

Walking with Dinosaurs

Heading to Thanksgiving Point to check out the Dinosaurs with cousins?  


 Alisa, Hugh, Lili, Tora and Kate

 Luke and Peter

 Lucy and Jake 

 Loving the Create-your-own-dinosaur sand area.  Every age group was totally content here for way longer than expected! 

 Which made us happy!  We could sit and chat!

 Sporting a fantastic face...could he possibly have noticed that he was just caught flicking sand?

 Lucy feigning terror.  NO clue how Jake is able to pull off such a cute face in front of that monster.    This picture makes me jump every time it pops out of no where.  Still struggle at times with that darn phobia of mine...  

Love bum cracks... but only on little bums. 

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