Friday, October 3, 2014

"Sunny" Days Always Do Me Good

Our Berryhill 2014 Reunion was another success.  I am so grateful to Maryanne who decided to put on our very first one in Montana almost 10 years ago!  We look forward to them and truly cherish the family time with everyone together.  As the reunion came to a close, we loaded our car up and took Joe to the airport so he could head back to Santiago.  His vacation was quickly coming to a close.  Selfishly, I was thrilled I had a bit more time :)

I needed some Sun.  It had been far too long.  I headed up to spend some time with my BYU roommate, Sunny Myres and her adorables.  Was hoping Amber would be able to join us too, but driving from Wyoming just wasn't in the cards that day.  We missed you so much, Ambs.  

 The kids were hysterical.  

 And our time together wonderful as always.  

Sunny, we'll be back to take this picture again in a couple of years :)  Love you!  Thank you for being you.  Treasure our college memories.  They only bring pure joy.

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