Saturday, October 4, 2014

Getting My Fix

Ok, maybe the kids were getting their's too :)  Funny thing about Utah...we drove out of Sunny's neighborhood and literally 5 minutes later ended up on Karen Whitt's doorstep.  No, they don't know each other, but it'd be pretty darn funny if they did. 

The Whitt's were officially back home.  It still amazes me that our time together in Chile was so short and yet knocking on their door felt like we were going to visit family.  We all had a blast.  None of their belongings had arrived from Chile yet, so we got to enjoy a relatively empty, beautiful home together with PLENTY of space to run around (which equals plenty of time to talk for the moms...yay!)

Everyone was all smiles to be together!!!

We made shave ice runs, lunch dates and even got to enjoy a little culture... 

                 thanks to the girls writing, producing and performing in their very own show.

It comes in really handy when the stage is only down a flight of stairs!!!

Complete with costumes and settings.

Way to go, girls!  

We hit a jump house and even made it up to Cherry Hill to go to a water park and meet up with Mariah and her boys!!! 
I was so excited to see them!!  It was one big, crazy, party.  The funny thing is?  Karen's dear friend who met us there and Mariah know each other very well.  Why didn't that surprise me?!  So glad we were all able to make it happen.
I have a feeling there will be more pictures like this in the future... 

Is there any way we could squeeze in one more visit?  Thanks, Liz Lambert, for dropping everything and coming down so we could catch up even if only for a bit.  I loved it.  And again,  I think the kids were pretty happy as well.  

We all had A LOT of good times together in the Southern Hemisphere.  Strange to think that the Berryhill's will be the only one's returning!

Yes.  We know how to play hard.  And we certainly know how to pick amazing friends.  Grateful for each one of you.  Thank you, Karen for being quite the host when you yourself had only been home a few hours before we joined you!!!  xox

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