Thursday, October 16, 2014

In Limbo

So for the first week or so of school, we were living like this:

Have I mentioned before how much I detest moving?  ;)  I have to admit though, when you have a moving company and a "nana" to help, it sure makes things A LOT more bearable.  

So, we said goodbye to so many memories in this:

And soon we were surrounded by boxes, living like this:
 The only comfortable spot in our new home.  Loved that I walked in to witness this.  

And even though our brand new home is absolutely gorgeous and a tall families' dream (ceilings so high I can't even jump up and touch them- with doors to match), I'm still struggling with one aspect of the closets.  Apparently no one wears dresses as long as I do in Chile.  It's ok.  
I can sacrifice here and there ;)
So we've kept ourselves entertained while the "maestros" finished the home. 
 Lessons in how grass is put in:

The many options for multiple sized rocks and even figuring out that an empty pool makes a really great race track for cars. 

 It was a MUDDY MESS for long while.  In fact, as I'm typing this, 2 months later, we still have people coming to finish things, when we were told the home would be ready 2 months before we even needed to move in.  But that is alright.  It's the Chilean way.  And when you have a view from your rooftop like this:
You realize it all wasn't that bad after all. 

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Tyler and Rachael said...

You are made of patience for being able to juggle starting school and a move and a finish building job all at the same time. I do 100% agree-- that view is amazing and so I hope every time it got stressful or gets a bt too crazy you walk up those stairs to Enjoy that breathtaking view!!