Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chillan: From Summer to Snow

We flew home to Santiago on Tuesday morning, July 22nd.  On Wednesday the 23rd we unpacked and repacked and then loaded the car back up and headed down to the snow.  Our very first family ski trip.  It took a lot of prep work while in California to get everyone fitted and geared up for this trip.  This was going to be fantastic!  (Joe and I chose not to voice our slight concern about having a 3 year old on skis). 
After our usual pattern of getting a bit turned around and having Google maps take us to a sketchy part of town where you want to slump down and lock your doors because it's after midnight and there are quite a few stray dogs roaming and a few weird men checking out your car and you don't want to turn on the inside lights to look at a real map because you don't want them to see even more of what's inside the car..... we found our way and eventually made it to our cabana :)
After a few hours of sleep, we were ready to introduce the crew to the world of skiing.  They couldn't wait!  We made everyone eat breakfast, and then began the 40 hour long process of getting them all  layered up, socks on, boots on, mittens on, hats on, mittens on again because they kept coming off, little treats in pockets for the ski lifts (dad taught me that one), and kleenex in the other pockets.  Joe and I vowed we would do this painstaking task with zero complaining and smiles on our faces.  If the kids were going to like this experience we needed to stay positive.  

The time came.  We were ready to load everyone into the car and drive to the ski resort.  Joe and I were already sweaty from all of the prep.  We grabbed a quick picture of the snow right outside our door, and were off.  (That is, after we helped everyone into the car because they had so many layers on that it was practically impossible to bend their bodies.)

Staying positive
We got to the slopes by noon.  That was hysterical within itself!  All of the ski instructors were taken, so we decided that we take the kids on some pretty flat places just so they could get a feel for it.

There's a good chance one of us has decided that this might be kind of tough and his happy attitude might be taking a slight turn for the worse.  Hmmmmmmm....... Keeping a smile on my face and that encouraging tone while I'm shoving the treats in my mouth that are supposed to be for the chair lifts.  

Guess what?  It worked.  He started to get the hang of it and was suddenly Jake the snow stud.  Wildly, out of control, laughing as he would start descending down the hill and we were running after him as fast as we could.  You see, he hadn't learned that vital piece of knowing how to stop! 

And this one took to it like she'd been doing it for at least a few seasons.  Before I knew it, she was in line waiting to head up the hill on the T-Bar.  Oh crap.  The T-bar.  I have bad memories of never being able to stay on those things.  I always fell off of them for some reason and try to avoid them like the plague.  But Kate was rearing to go, so the two of us hopped on and she flawlessly made her way up to the top with a smile on her face like she had just discovered something unimaginable.  

Here she is.  After 2 times down with me, she just decided to head on up and go by herself while I helped Jake.  

This little guy was on his skis for not even 5 minutes when we had to take them off to adjust a few things.  The next thing we knew, he was sacked out in Joe's arms.  It's a lot of work learning a snow sport!

Dad's arms are the best.

Cutest Snow Angels

BEST FIRST DAY EVER.  So proud of our kiddos!!!!

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