Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's August 12, 2014, Kate!!!!

And all of your family called and emailed and texted because they wanted to wish you the best day ever.  Including your aunt and uncle:
Woke up to these faces on my phone sending you some love.  Cracks me up every time I see it.

 Then Luke and I showed up to your new 4th grade class to surprise you with cupcakes.  Everyone was VERY excited to sing to you and they were even more excited for homemade treats!
 Luke gave Kate flowers and provided quite the entertainment for the 4th graders.  I was trying to not make too much of a scene so we wouldn't disrupt class for Mr. John too much....
 but I think we failed.

 After school we went right home to open presents

 And then an early dinner at Kate's favorite restaurant... La Creperia 
waiting for Dad to get there

 Love our girl
To try and get everyone to smile and look in the same place,  Joe started a thumbs up thumbs down thing...

 It hung on for the rest of the night ;)

 Nutella and Banana Crepes.  The reason she loves this place.  Me too!!!
Happy Birthday to our WONDERFUL daughter and big sister.  We are so proud of who you are.  May you never change and may you follow every single one of your dreams.  

Now, it's off to your Open House at school ;)

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