Monday, October 13, 2014

Moving Again?!!

No, we weren't moving again because we were tired of living in our Santiago home for nearly 2 years and felt like we needed a change for the last year we would be here.  I detest moving.  Especially the thought of moving in South America, where it takes anywhere from 1-6 weeks to get things like internet and cable guys to show up at your house.  They like to arrive when they feel like it.  The appointment that you have called and set up doesn't really mean much.  So to think that we would have to do ALL OF THAT over again made me nauseous.  

The property manager of our home was a slimy character and to made a long story short, he sold the house to owners who wanted to move in immediately despite telling us that we could stay in the home through the end of our time in Chile.  So, for the first week of school, we were sleeping on floors and trying to find school supplies and other odds and ends that had been packed.  Not ideal.  But we've learned to roll with a lot of things down here.  
I'm hoping I take that mentality home with me.  
Our new home, was just that.  BRAND SPANKIN' NEW.  That kept our spirits up because the chances of us living in a new home in California were quite slim to probably never.  When everything had been packed up in our old home and it was time to come to our new home, we were in for a bit of a surprise.  The brand new home wasn't finished yet, even though we were told it would be ready 2 months before we were to be there.  The yard was one big dirt pit which quickly turned into a mud pit because we were in the middle of winter and it was raining/snowing at relatively decent intervals.  

What do you do?  Well, we had to move in anyway.  There wasn't anywhere else for us to go.  So, we just blended in with the throng of workers going in and out and around the house. 

One of our favorite parts of the new house were the stairs to the roof.  The kids were so excited about this.  You could climb right up there and look out over the entire city.  It was beautiful!  I will share some pictures of our new place when it is finally finished.  Hopefully that won't be close to when it's time for us to move back to the United States!!  

Here's to keeping things exciting!  Never a dull moment with the Berryhills.  

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Tyler and Rachael said...

Bless your heart!! That takes a ton of patience and a good attitude like yours. It will be fun to see pictures.