Monday, October 13, 2014

Luke Likes Goldfish

The crackers AND the preschool ;)  So, not only did we have our first day of school at Nido and movers coming to pack up our home, but we also had a very important milestone for Mr. Luke Berryhill.  He would be going to a Spanish Jardin (preschool) for the very first time.  It made me literally ache inside to think that he was old enough to attend a preschool.  The funny thing is, everyone was asking me when he was 18 months old why he wasn't in jardin!!!  They like to put their kids in VERY early here in Chile.  
For us, now felt right.  We had Jake go to Goldfish for 6 months before he started kindergarten, and we all loved the program.  Thankfully, that was one thing I didn't have to figure out amidst all of our craziness.  I knew I liked this place. 
And so, I packed Luke's little backpack with a snack and some water and one "hi-chew" candy in a secret pocket (which has become a bit of a tradition), we said goodbye to Sandra and the movers and headed off for Luke's first day.  He was so excited.  Couldn't wait.  
Can you tell?!

The teachers are so sweet there and just snuggle and hug and dote on the kids.  I'm sure Luke was thinking that maybe this wouldn't be so bad for a couple of hours every day!  I said goodbye and I hesitantly handed him over to Ms. Kati.  As I drove back to our boxed filled house, my heart was a bit heavy because I missed my little man.  

The morning flew by and before I knew it, I was back at Goldfish to see how Luke liked it.  He was all smiles and happy as ever.  I was soooo relieved.  We celebrated his first day at jardin with a trip to Jumbo (the local supermarket) for a special treat and then to the bathroom for a little spontaneous entertainment thanks to the ultra powerful hand dryer.  

It was vital that the head lamp be worn when we went into the store.  He wanted to make sure he could see what we were buying.  I love this kid.

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