Saturday, October 4, 2014

California Oldies but Forever Goodies

The flight back to California felt like a hiccup for us.  No time to even really take an uncomfortable plane nap!   When we landed, the kids couldn't believe we were already there.  They have truly been conditioned :)  Now that we were back, it was time to catch up with some of my dearest from different stages of Julie.
Childhood:  Melissa Walton, my oldest friend, and her newest additions to her family!

We all wanted to meet the girls :)

We go back 33 years or so and nothing's changed a bit.  Pretty good, huh?

Dental Hygiene Days:  Leah Wittman, one of my dearest classmates, was at my parent's house in 10 minutes when I told her we were home and available to play.  LOVED getting to finally catch up.  

Our First Home:  Our very first friends in Pleasanton and eventually homeschooling buddies, the Borges!!!  Again, they dropped everything so we could have an afternoon at the park together.  

These two used to play together while we waited for Kate and Elise during their dance class.  It's been a while, but they picked up right where they left off.

Love you, Leah!!  Thank you for making that drive down so we could see you!   It meant so much!!!

Everyone's gotten a bit taller, but those smiles are just the same.  

Somebody likes to photo bomb.  

Loved being able to spend time with ones we hold dear.  Makes it harder to leave, but absolutely, without a doubt, completely worth it.   


Jill said...

Holy cow, Melissa had twins? wow! wish we lived closer to CA so I could see you too! I love all your posts!

Julie said...

I miss you soooo much, Jill! They adopted them! Can you believe it? So excited for her :)