Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More August Moments

Out on the town:
   The Tortilla Factory Restaurant.  The only place I can find in Chile where we can buy corn tortillas!

Kai Restaurant.  Yes.  That is the entrance.  Joe and I had just come from the temple and I wanted to try someplace new.  I had heard this was quite the quirky restaurant.  It took a few attempts and drive-bys  to actually find it, as there is no sign out front!  It was passed 10pm and we were slightly nervous parking our car in this sketchy part of town, but for some reason I was feeling confident.  Ready for an adventure :)  When you find the door, there is a little doorbell that you need to ring and then they let you in.

 Quite the quirky Thai restaurant!  
 I was just glad we made it and nothing scary happened to us when we walked through the gate after they let us in :)
 Thanks for putting up with me and my ideas, JB.

 A trip to the ice cream parlor was a great way to celebrate Friday 
 Russel, Jake and Paden couldn't eat fast enough... 
 They wanted to get home to our house to PLAY!  Such CUTE, GOOD, HAPPY boys.  
Glad they are friends.

 Just a pretty moment on my run that needed capturing

At Church:

 All are welcome to come unto Christ.  ;)  This was a first for me at church.  He made his way into the chapel and was pretty comfortable during Sacrament meeting!

 Noche de Hogar con el barrio.  Family Home Evening with the ward and investigators.  We were in charge of the lesson.  You can tell how it went just by looking at the boys faces.  Jake and Luke were pretty naughty during the entire thing.  I've never given so many hard arm squeezes and glares before in that short of a time frame.  Huge Sigh....

And at Home:

 Enjoying a game of Candyland with our friend Isla, in our newly put together playroom!

 And that's Jake ;)

 Friends at home

 And catching up on some sleep here and there when we can find the time :)

Love a few things about this picture:  Somehow they both ended up in our bed in the middle of the night.  When I woke up in the morning, I found them like this.  Love those arms intertwined.  Also love that Jake decided to sleep in his uniform so he wouldn't have to change in the morning.  Get up and go :)  Works for me!  

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