Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Squeezing In As Much As We Can!

 Chris spent some QT teaching his nephew a vital tool for life ;)

And here's that position again that Luke likes.  This time Jake is totally oblivious and rolls with it.

All three kids happily bonding with iPads while I made the switch from a Dell to an Apple.  Not sure why Luke felt the need to keep the sunglasses on in the store... but whatever keeps them quiet and happy while I'm getting my first instructions.

Brotherly bonding while getting fitted for their first ski season

Not the best pictures, but a FUN, spontaneous night at the park playing frisbee with BG, Kalei and Chris.  Wishing Momo was feeling better... poor thing caught a nasty cold.

Always quality time at Baskin Robbins

Kalei getting a little love from her nieces.  Loving that photo-bomber behind them :)

And everyone loves a little pool time!

Loving the goggles on both of them while they take a break from the water

Loving his BG time

Is that not the perfect expression of summer?!

Classic boys

Do you think we have worn someone out?!!

Luke loved his 5MPH shotgun ride around the court with the top down.  Kate and Jake loved thinking that a Mini was in their future.  BG loved showing Momo's toy off ;)

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