Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Love America

For the 4th of July, the guys planned a huge water fight for the kids while the girls went out to lunch.  Kind of hard to protest, don't you think? 

 Looks like they were doing just fine without us.

 When the sun started to go down, we realized we didn't have to go ANYWHERE to find fireworks.  All we needed was to walk out the back door.  Grandma and Grandpa's house had the best view!!!  We could see every 4th of July celebration for miles!
 And in the middle of them all, we decided to have our own show.  Thanks Uncle Mike for risking your life to give us a good one.  Totally illegal in California, so the kids have never done anything like this before.  They were pumped. 

Our newest addition to the family...Baby Warren!  Lots of prayers were sent to heaven to get this little guy down here.  Couldn't be happier to see that face and here those infant cries.

LOVE them


 Front row seats

Grandpa Love

 Happy 4th of July everyone!  It was GREAT being together.

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