Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Berryhill's Together in Happy Valley!

I told you we packed it in!  The following day we boarded a plane and headed to Utah for our much anticipated Berryhill Family Reunion.  Fran and Mike decided to move to Provo not long after we moved to Chile.    So, this would be our first time seeing their new place and the whole family would get to be together!  We were so excited!
Tora and Kate were so happy to see each other!

 Some of us took a trip up to temple square...

 Kaylynn was doted on by...well... just about everyone :)

 Emily was a champ at calming Luke's tired tantrums (we ran him pretty ragged) with all sorts of games and had him laughing and following her around.  I was so impressed, I was ready to hire her :)

 Checking out what he sees twice a year on TV for General Conference.  I wonder what he's thinking...
 Love our family
 This one's for you, Vicky!

 Not sure why Luke loves to do this to Jake, but it happens all of the time!  Sometimes Jake doesn't even notice and other times (such as this one) it drives him crazy, but thankfully this episode ended in a total giggle fit. 
 We love President Monson.  
Follow the Prophet, boys!  He won't ever lead you astray!!!

 Candid as the elevator doors were closing.  We all couldn't fit in one together :)  Made me laugh.

 This one just took my hand and walked all around the temple grounds with me.  I melted.  I've missed her.  
So very glad we are forever.

 This one's for you, Krista!
Jake is happiest when he's right by his dad's side.  

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Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a great reunion!