Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Constant Party in the USA

That's what it's like when we come home.  I love it!  Just keep it coming!  

The next day, Brik turned 6 years old, so we HAD to celebrate ;)  Jake's only wish for his own 6th birthday 3 months earlier, was that he could be with Brik.  He had to be a little patient, and I was called a mean mom a few too many times because I could't snap my fingers and make Brik appear, but it finally came true!
 Subway sandwiches, swimming a trampoline park.  Sounded great to us!  

 Some pretty cool acrobatics

 There was even an intense game of dodge ball--cousins against cousins

 Thanks for turning 6, Brik!  We LOVE you SO MUCH!!!

Joe picked us up from the birthday celebration and we headed out to the Central Valley, so we could see NANA and PAPA Berryhill!  We miss them terribly but not the Bay Area traffic!  Took us a bit longer to get out there than planned.  They looked and sounded GREAT!  We were so happy to see it, because they have bother been struggling with ailments.

   We all had so much fun together getting caught up.  We went out to dinner and then headed back to their apartment for a bit longer.  My favorite comment of the night :  Joe asked Nana, "Is it Ok if we take you out to dinner?"  (It was like 7:30pm)  "I don't know what time you guys go to bed and we don't want to mess up your routine."  

 Nana replied, "We're not dead yet, Joe!  We don't go to bed until 10:30 or so.  Let's go!"  
 I have always loved Nana's spunk.  I aspire to be like her when I'm ninety.  If I start losing it, I made Jen promise a long time ago that she'd tell it to me straight up so I could find a way to bring it back.  
WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH and were SO HAPPY we got to visit! 

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Susan Anderson said...

Non-stop fun and seeing family that you've missed. Doesn't get better than that!