Wednesday, September 3, 2014

American Girl

 The store opened right after we moved to Chile.  I never got to take Kate.  So, to give the girls even more to look forward to during our time at home, Jen booked a reservation so we could have lunch and do a little shopping there.  It was extra special, because Momo surprised Kate and took her to pick out her very first American Girl doll ever, for her early birthday present, the week before.

 Now, Kate could go to the store with the real thing.  She was thrilled!!!

We were both in complete awe of this magical place.

Waiting to be seated.

Getting ALL of the girls situated.

 Mom, Jen and I took a table and we let the girls sit at the counter by themselves.  
They were feeling SO grown up.

Watching them peruse the menu and order and talk, literally made my insides light up.  
These girls have MISSED each other! I loved seeing them together.

 After lunch, it was time to do a little shopping.

 There's even a spot to put your doll in the bathroom.  What is this place?!  And why didn't they have one of these when I was little?!!!!
 These girls have MISSED each other too!

 Strike a pose

 I don't think they are having fun.

What an experience!  I don't think we could wipe those grins off if we tried.  

Throw in some Sprinkles Cupcakes afterwards, and it was the PERFECT girls day out. 

 I could use a cupcake right now...

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