Monday, November 25, 2013

Let's Build a House!

 The morning after we found out the good news, we headed into the Andes hills to go help the WONDERFUL Nunez family put in a few hours building their home.  They are the most incredibly happy, faithful, dedicated people!  They never tried to broadcast their situation, but we found out that they had been saving for years to build a home.  When the time came to finally start the project, they gave a contractor their money to get started and he took off with everything they had.
Husband and wife looked at each other and just cried.  "What will we do?"  They were already working 6 days a week and long hours to survive with 3 little ones at home.  One day, they squared their shoulders, looked at each other and said, "We will build it ourselves."  So, every Saturday when they have saved up a bit, they go down to the hardware store, get the supplies they can afford, and build a little here and there on their home.
Our families wanted to help!  Karen organized the day and the Hamilton's, Whitt's and our family headed to the site ready to get to work.  Laura and Karen immediately put up camping chairs and both said at practically the same time, "Julie, these are for you.  Sit down."  I was told I wouldn't be doing much more than moral support.  So sweet.  I didn't even think to bring my own chair.
Hermana Nunez, Laura, Jake and Easton, hard at work, putting in the insulation for the walls.  Before we left, Jake ran downstairs and got all of the necessary tools he'd need from his workbench, to complete his important projects for the day.
Putting in insulation turned out to be a lot of fun!!!
Violetta and Amanda Nunez doing what they do best!
Kate was amazing with the box cutter and getting the perfect shapes of Styrofoam to fit for the insulation in the walls.  She took total ownership of what she was doing... so neat to see her in action.
Salvador Nunez knew the grounds so well.  He showed all of the kids the cool hiding spots and the best mounds of dirt to play in.  He also loved Jake's tools that he brought with!
I made Luke stay pretty close to me the entire time.  Too many real tools that were "slightly" dangerous for little hands.  Even still, he was completely enjoying himself.

The guys?  Well, let's just say, this fulfilled some inner-manliness that has been looking for a way to escape with all of that overtime they put in at work...
The kids had their own ideas of how to help best :)
Love these girls.  We all showed up with our visors, food, and plenty of hands to help.  What a great experience this was for our families.  We will definitely be visiting the Nunez family again and again...

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