Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Iguazu Falls- Part 4: The Wildlife

We didn't even know we had planned our trip for the most perfect time of year.  It was spring... and all of the butterflies were hatching.  So along with all of the incredible funny and striking looking animals, we were surrounded by fluttery wings.  There were so many of them that they looked like falling leaves in autumn time.  

We had a tally going as to how many butterflies would land on us!

 The butterflies and birds were amazing, but when we started seeing animals completely foreign to us, that was when we really got excited!
 This little guy is a member of the Capybara family.  It's called an Agouti.  They didn't like to get too close to us.  Would have loved to have actually seen a Capybara, but they must have been staying cool in the shadows when we were there.  What do you think...a giant rat-like rodent without the tail?  That's kind of what I was thinking too.

This is a Coati.  They were completely not afraid of humans and going after food.  The funny thing was that on the Argentina side, there were all of these signs and actual graphic images of body parts that had been injured by the claws and teeth of these animals.  It was gross! 
When we were on the Brazil side, there were no signs and the park workers actually pet them and treated them almost like domestic animals!  We didn't get too close.  We were scarred by the photos posted earlier in the trip!

 These huge lizard like iguanas were everywhere!   Don't know the name of them, but they didn't seem to notice us and would take their time getting to where they wanted to go.  

 A little visitor while we stopped for a snack.
Each one of those "clumps" hanging on this tree is a nest!  The little birds living in them appeared to be all black until they spread their wings-- then their backs transformed into fiery red.

The wildlife was a huge bonus on this trip.  We LOVED discovering all of these new species!!!

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