Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Iguazu Falls-Part 9: Brazil Side!

At last we made it to the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls.  It was the hottest day yet and we were feeling it.  But as soon as we came to the first viewpoint, we were in awe.

 And this isn't even all of the falls!  We walked along side of them for a good hour, ending at the Garganta del Diablo from the Brazilian point of view.  
 Look at those cute cheeks!  Can you tell we needed to find some falls to get under?!!
 We finally found a spot to cool off, and it even graced us with a rainbow!  Can you believe that?! We got drenched and it felt fabulous.  This was the only point on the Brazil side where you felt like you were up close and personal with the falls.  This side was more of the breathtaking panoramic view.

Kate had a little butterfly friend that landed on her head, and stuck with her through all of the spray when we went into the falls!  When she came out of it, he was still there, and then another one landed on her finger. She's a modern day Cinderella. 

What a day!  What a trip!  We had an incredible time and saw so many new things!  Thank you Joe for caring all of the stress of the trip, so I could relax.  I did my best.  When I went back to the doctor right after we returned, the first thing he said was, "So did you cancel your trip?"  I couldn't lie.  Would never have been able to after witnessing such beauty.  "No...but I tried to rest whenever possible..." (every night when we got back to the hotel!!!)  "Achem...So, how's the baby looking?!"  

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