Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Iguazu Falls: Part 6: Last Day with the Whitt's

We finished up the Argentina trails at the Sheraton for a couple of hours to enjoy some AC and an amazing view.  With every new place we've moved to, I've always expected us to grow closer as a family and have wonderful adventures together that will help shape our lives together.  I never expect to find those special friendships that enrich these experiences so much more.  Yet, Heavenly Father puts them in my path anyway because He loves me.  So grateful for that love.

I came down after getting the boys tucked into bed, and found that Kate had narrated every picture in this post in Spanish :)  I think I'll leave it just the way it is.  It's perfect.

my presiosos!


tres BFF ninas!

los dos ninos!

los ninos!

mira a las cabezas!

muy bien viaje!

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