Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Iguazu Falls-Part 2: The Hotel

Within minutes of meeting our driver, we found out that he was half Guarani.  Joe learned this Indian dialect on his mission when he was in Paraguay, so when he started throwing out a few words, there was an instant bond between Marcos and him.  On the way to the hotel, he pulled over and told us to look up in the trees.  We saw our first wild, toucan!  Incredible!!!

We arrived at La Cantera Jungle Lodge which was on the Argentina side, and it truly was smack dab in the middle of the dense jungle.  You didn't have to look very far for wildlife, and having a spa right out on your porch didn't hurt things a bit!  
It was perfect for us and our buddies.
ENORMOUS bull frogs would sit on the side of the pool and no matter how much they got splashed, they wouldn't budge!  You can imagine how much fun Kate had with them :)  Luke on the other hand, freaked out when he'd see a fly.  Granted, everything is bigger, so maybe a bit more threatening?  Half way through the trip, I finally had him laughing and saying over and over, "Butterflies is nice.  They don't bite, they tickle."
The big man is heading back to our room
for a little warming up in the spa with dad.  The pool was a bit nippy.
Every morning after breakfast, the kids took off to find huge insects and other creepy crawly things...right on the other side of the pool.
Here's a picture of part of the hotel  Joe captured it, which I was so grateful for, because I took none!  Remember, I was relaxing? :)  Jake was the master at finding all sorts of treasures as well as the coolest ant trails you've ever seen.
  The master butterfly whisperer herself... don't worry.  It's always catch and release.  

And every night, they crammed into the pack n play for a little love before heading off to bed.

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