Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iguazu Falls--Part 1

"Hi Julie, it's good to see you today.  How are you feeling?"  
I go into explicit detail about what a wonderful patient I've been as I haven't done much of anything for the past 2 weeks, after being put on bedrest.  I am sure that things must be better, because I'm feeling as much and positive thinking goes a long way...especially when you are getting ready to go on vacation :)

"Well, let's see how things are looking..."

"And when are you planning on going to Iguazu Falls?"  

"Tomorrow morning."  Said in a slightly quieter, more humble voice.  

"I'm really sorry to have to say this, but I'd cancel the trip."  Apparently the blood clot that decided to join me again for this pregnancy wasn't getting any smaller.  In fact, all of that resting made it increase in size!!  It was huge. 

*   *   *

Everything was paid for and nonrefundable.  I felt sick.  I couldn't cancel, could I?  I called Laura Hamilton and asked her AGAIN to tell me exactly how hard this trip would be.  When she said it was one of her most relaxing trips with her family and I could take it easy, I started feeling a little better.  I made sure she wouldn't be held responsible for any of my actions :) and I called Joe to tell him the news.  We would go.  I'd be careful.  

And so we were off with the Whitt family, to spend a few relaxing, completely stress-free days together in the middle of the jungle, at the corners of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.  

Taking a lunch break at the 
 Buenos Aires Airport

 We made it!!!
 Carseats?  Nah.  They just take up extra space! Our families hired taxis to be our drivers for the week.  Best decision ever.  Still don't know how we crammed all of us into their little cars... but it worked.  

This was going to be a blast!!!

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