Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Iguazu Falls-Part 8: Brazilian Bird Sanctuary

From the Dam we headed straight to the Bird Sanctuary that was right outside of the park on the Brazil side.  We had heard some incredible things, so we didn't want to miss it!

 I think our all time favorites were the Toucans.  They are hysterical birds and simply do not look real with those plastic beaks!  One stayed with us the entire time we were walking through the atrium.

 No telephoto lenses on these.  They let me get right up close to them!

 What I captured next was classic.  Luke had been asleep the entire time.  He woke up to this toucan looking straight at him.  Remember I had to coach Luke to say that butterflies were nice?  So you can imagine what he thought of these strange looking birds.  

He had been snacking on an apple when he fell asleep, so it was in his hands.  Maybe now we know why the toucan was following us!  The next thing I saw was this:

and then this:

And the rest of the trip, (and even still when we talk about the trip) all we heard over and over again was, "The toucan took my apple!"  With this dejected tone.  Poor Luke.  
 What a surprise when we went to see the emu's and about 20 wild monkeys came in, swinging on the trees, eating the berries right above them!  Notice there are no pictures of the emus :)  We were more interested in the trees!

 The boys were stoked to touch teh python.  Kate didn't want to.  I made her get in there for one picture.  Is this not a classic shot?!

 I'd say the sanctuary was a complete success and added so much to our trip!  
So happy we took the time to check it out!

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