Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Iguazu Falls--Part 5: The Rest of Iguazu Argentina

The sheer number of falls and the power of all of that water is what was so impressive.  We were completely surrounded by them.  Completely breathtaking.

What was below them on the other side of the railing:
 The pictures just can't capture the grandeur of it all, but I tried!

 The Whitt's and the Berryhill's:  
We got more family shots here than on any other vacation!  There was always someone to take it for us :)  

 Going for it!
 What would we say about the Argentina side?  LOVED IT.  You are up close and personal with the falls.  You don't get to see a full panaramic view, because there is an island that blocks a bit of it, but who doesn't like a tropical island thrown into the middle of all of this beauty?  You feel like you are almost a part of the falls because you can stand right on the edges on top and watch the water spill over and then you walk a little ways and you are getting drenched down below.  
Everyone agreed.  It was a hit.

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