Friday, November 22, 2013

It's Time to Place Your Bets...

We have had a tradition with every baby.  When the doctor can tell what it is, we have him write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.  Then, we put it on the fridge and plan an evening together with family. 
 Everyone places their "bets" and then it's time to reveal what's inside.

*   *   *
At my last check up, when I tried to change the subject about going to Iguazu Falls against his better judgement, it turned out that the clot hadn't gotten bigger!  But it hadn't gotten smaller either.  No bed rest, but no exercise and I had to take it easy.  Fair enough. 

"And is there any chance you can tell what the baby is?"   


 "Would you mind writing it down for me so our family can find out together what we are having?"

A smile formed on the corner of his mouth and he told me to turn away so I couldn't see the monitor.  He wrote something down and then apologized that he didn't have an envelope.  I came prepared and then left mine in the car.  "Oh don't worry.  I'll seal it up in the envelope as soon as I get into my car.  I promise I won't look at it."  His smile got bigger.  He folded that prescription piece of paper about 78 times and then took his stapler and punched a few good ones into it.  Apparently he didn't trust me. 

Joe wasn't home that night, so I dutifully tacked the envelope with the stapled secret up on the fridge.  The kids were going crazy.  How could we wait?!!!  The next night was looking like it wouldn't work out either, and I had 3 kids who were in complete hysterics.  We decided we'd meet Joe at La Creperia--He'd come straight from work, so we could be together for just a moment before I had to leave for the evening.  This was way more important anyway.  I could be a tad bit late!

We ordered our favorite meals and then the ultimate Nutella & Banana Crepes for dessert.  I really think I could easily eat one of those every other day.  I LOVE them.  

And then it was time.  We let Kate do the honors of trying to undo the prescription note.

Joe:    "Boy"
Kate:  "Girl" (she's been hoping for one since the day she could speak)
Jake:  "Girl--because we already have plenty of boys."  Stated matter-of-factly.
Luke:  "Boy" With the cutest smile ever.
Me:    "Girl"  (We girls have to stick together, but for the first time, earlier that day, I had a feeling...I didn't want to make Kate cry just yet)

And here's the revealing captured on video:

Yeah!!!  Looks like Kate and I will be sticking together for life :)  We're excited for another little CUTE Berryhill boy to give us sticky kisses, muddy footprints, lots of noise, and plenty of projects (aka: messes).  Everyone was so happy after the initial shock!  It took one of us a little longer than the others, but she came around and mentioned, "Mom, can we start doing special girl things like getting our nails done together?" Yes... my visits to the salon for pedicures are few and FAR between...but maybe it's time to start a new tradition.  
WELCOME BABY BERRYHILL BOY!!! We already love you so much.  Your brothers and sister pray for you every day and can't wait for you to join us.   


liz said...

Tell Kate that she is in Mary's club now! Congratulations!

Janet Perry said...

From a mother of four boys and only one girl, I can tell you I adore my boys to death, but I cherish my daughter like no other. Congratulations!

Sue said...

Karin can relate. She always wanted a sister growing up with her three bros, but now that she's an adult, I think she kinda likes being the only girl in that crowd.


Jeri said...

Congrats Berryhills! Your family is the opposite from ours! Zach still asks if we can have one more baby, as long as it is a boy!

Tammy Schick said...

I love my Berryhills! Congrats on the new little man. We can't wait to meet him!!!!

Jill said...

I love that you got that on video!! poor Kate!! tell her, I had 3 little brothers and it wasn't so bad. then when I was 14 there was a surprise baby and it was a girl!! I just had to wait a long time for her. HA!!!! :)

Kimberly said...

According to my family, my older brother had a similar reaction when he found out I was a girl :o) So happy for you guys!!