Friday, November 30, 2012

Little Man is TWO!!!

 My body and I do NOT feel like it was 2 years ago that I went into the doctor's office the day after Thanksgiving, because I couldn't feel Luke moving.  Who knew he would be joining our family that day?!  What a little miracle!

 He began his life on earth so tiny and lethargic... and he's been making up for it ever since. 
There is no shortage of spunk, determination, intensity, and laughter inside these walls.  

 Give Luke and ball and he's the happiest kid on earth.  

 "Where'd it go?!"
Well, I better go get it!!

 Joe got home just in time to celebrate Luke's big day, before he had to turn around and leave again.  That was a present within itself.  Luke LOVES his dad.  Dad takes priority over everything else in Luke's eyes.  
 "I'm 2 now, I can do it myself."
 The balls Luke got for his birthday were the biggest hit.  Jake was thrilled, because that meant he could "borrow" the cars and other toys that didn't make the "hot item" list.  
Happy Birthday :)


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday my birthday buddy...hope you had the best day ever!!

Kimberly said...

It really doesn't seem possible to have already been two years since this sweet little boy was born. And it seems like he's grown so much in the short time you've been gone! Golly gee!

I love Jake's face in the group shot :o)