Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do They Have American Idol in Ghana?

So on the way to school yesterday, Kate announced to Joe that she had only one talent.  "What?!!"  was Joe's response.  "Heavenly Father has given you tons of talents!"  And then he proceeded to name them.  
"Ok, Dad.  But my first talent is singing.  I'm going to sing on American Idol someday."  
The funny thing is that Kate hasn't even watched much of the show-- maybe a couple of episodes--but this needed to be documented, just in case we do get her some singing lessons and she 
achieves this goal of hers ;)

 Anyway, 2 hours later, the boys and I were invited to Kate's music class at school, so we could see what they have been working on.  Let's be honest.  I was invited.  I was the only one to show up with little ninos.  But what was I to do?!  I didn't have anyone I could drop them off with, and I wasn't going to miss this.  Kate really wanted me there.  
So, the class had been studying music from Ghana.  They had the parents sit in a circle with them and they taught us a song as we passed a little shaker around to the beat of the music.  Then the teacher had the students move over to some instruments.  I was in the back, madly trying to keep Luke from banging on the drums and shaking the tambourines, when I heard one voice lead out the group on some chant.  Suddenly I realized that it was Kate!  It was all coming together...why she was so adamant that I be there and why she thought her best talent was singing.   (just turn your head sideways...apparently I didn't video it quite right!)
 Here she is with her good friend, Fiona, from Denmark (also toothless in front, but you can't tell)
And here she is in action.  
Way to go, Kate!  I am so proud of you.  Jake asked me to sing the song to him on the way home and I was making up words right and left-- no clue how you were able to remember all of that!!!


Woodruffs said...

That is awesome! Way to go Kate!

Jeri said...

LOVE IT!!! Great job Kate!