Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Shadow

Luke loves the boys in this house.  Loves them.  Because he gets to be around Jake all day, he follows him everywhere and copies everything Jake does.  
If Jake thinks he's funny with his popsicle in the bath, guess who else thinks he is too?  
 (I know-- real flattering picture)
If Jake decides he doesn't want to sit on the bench while we wait for Kate at swim team, Luke follows suit and goes and sits on the steps right next to him.  
 If Jake is in a mood (which has been quite regular lately!) and wants to whine and complain, well, Luke will at least join him to have a little company :)  
 Being with Dad is the most extra special treat of them all.  Luke doesn't get to see him too much during the week, so Saturday morning French Toast making is the BEST!
Let's hope he doesn't try and shadow this look:
 I came outside to check on everyone yesterday and found Jake like this.  He had cut one of our plastic bouncy balls in half because it had a hole, and decided it would make the perfect helmet.  Oh, I was laughing so hard inside.  I just couldn't help it.  HE IS SO CUTE.  The kid is something else.  I have yet to figure out how his brain works, but I hope I don't get frustrated too much with the constant inventions and projects that I squash his ingenuity!  
 You rock, Jake.  Just don't sit down at the dinner table and look at the beautifully, yummy salad I have made and moan and say, "Really, Mom!  You didn't even make a burrito?!"  After multiple attempts to have him eat something on his plate, he went to bed hungry.  Remember-- you have a shadow watching every move you make :)

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