Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I was invited to a baby shower for a woman at church this last week.  I didn't know who she was, only that her family was very poor.  She has 3 children and was pregnant with twins, but one of the babies died.  She would be delivering both babies in one month, and this shower would be to celebrate the healthy baby girl.  
I found out when I got there, that her family was renting a storage unit and had turned it into their home.  Just this last week, the family who owned the unit, decided they wanted it back for storage, so they were being kicked out.  They were able to find another place, and with the help of church members, move their things into another "home", but it didn't even have a working bathroom.  
It broke my heart. 

I know that we live in a beautiful bubble in the nicest part of the city.  I am aware that most of the families we go to church with live in circumstances such as this woman.  Some just make their homes with materials they can find and when a family member gets married, they simply "add on" to the "unit."  
I came home feeling incredibly grateful for all I have been blessed with.  I sat the kids down and told them about this family, and Kate was horrified.  "Mom, they need to come live with us.  We have plenty of room." 
I felt the same way.

I'm grateful that my kids have an opportunity to experience this so up close and personal.  Hopefully it will instill the habit of being grateful in their little hearts.

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Sue said...

I'm sure they will gain a lot of compassion while they are there.

And I know you will reach out to people in your ward who need you, Julie. After all, you are your mother's daughter!