Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Felt Like Home... Almost

The day after our hike, we decided to check out the coast.  One of the most popular spots, Valparaiso, we heard would be ridiculously busy, so we opted to head North to the water instead.  On our way, Joe and I said at almost the exact same moment, "I feel like we're driving through Half Moon Bay and down
Highway 1!"  It was great!!!  We kept hearing that Chile resembled California quite a bit, 
but now we were seeing why.  
 First, we stopped in Maitencillo and checked out the sand (too cold to dive in) and 
had some yummy empanadas.

 We found the perfect little beach that had TONS of big shells.  The kids were in HEAVEN.

 Miss you guys sooooo much!

 Doesn't the rocky shore look just like NorCal?!
 We took a break from our intense shell collecting excursion to have lunch at Puntamai, a great place right on the water.  Typical Berryhill excited about his food: 

 He can't say much yet, but sure has plenty of facials to explain exactly how he feels.

Check out the hair on these roofs!!  It must be the thing here, because we saw it everywhere!

 We drove north just as the sun was going down.  I'm so glad we did, because we discovered Zapallar.  We'll be coming back.  It was unbelievable.  

Perfect day with my family.  I felt completely renewed on our drive home. Discovering new places and new does something to me.  Can't wait for our next long weekend :)  

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Sue said...

I'm glad you have some gorgeous scenery to remind you of home!

Your family looks terrific, Julie!