Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Kermess.  I still don't know exactly what the word means, but we went to it this last Saturday--a HUGE festival that Nido de Aguilas puts on every year.  I figured we'd drop in a stay for an hour or so.  Little did I know what we had in store for us!  There were tons of booths on the campus, each with a different countries flag.  Every child attending Nido had his or her country represented at the festival and each booth had yummy food to try.  Different performances were going on the entire day...chinese dragon dancing, hula, mariachi bands... you name it... it was there.  Then we peeked down the hill and saw all of the FUN 
STUFF :)  The kids almost had heart attacks.  I wasn't expecting anything but food :)

 There was a zip line
 Jake was pumped-- it was his first time

Pretty high up for a little dude
 Trampolines, bounce houses and inflatable games...and then there were tons of booths with different activities.  One being....getting a fake cast.  It cracked me up because while we were waiting for the zip line, I kept seeing random kids with broken wrists.  WHAT IS GOING ON AT NIDO?  I'm thinking.  Then I see three girlfriends all talking and laughing together, all with casts.  That can't be a coincidence.  So I asked them.  "Oh, they aren't real.  You get get them put on down at one of the booths."  OHHHHHHHHHHH.  I automatically had a flash back to 5th grade--unbending paperclips and putting them in our mouths, pretending we had retainers.  I guess this is kinda similar... Kate thought this was the coolest thing ever.  So we waited in line for almost an hour.  Worse than Disneyland!  It was crazy.  
She and Jake were pumped though.  
 Showing off the pain...we went to our Primary Program practice right afterwards, and everyone wondered how in the world they both broke the same left wrist.  They were eating it up :)  
Jake liked the cotton candy.  So did I.  Like the faux hawk?  He got a haircut that morning and that's how he came home :)  It was a FUN day! 
 I think we'll make sure we get this one on the calendar for next year as well :)

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