Sunday, November 11, 2012

Arctic Cat

I love this thing.  Jake was surprised with it for his 4th birthday from Momo and BG.  Trouble was, our yard was too small in Pleasanton for him to "go for it."  He was constantly having to make 20 point turns :)  Since our amount of space has expanded, the car has gotten MUCH more use because he can cruise all over the backyard!  And that is what he does.  That is what THEY do.  The boys.  This is so typical.  Jake looks like a 16 year old, cruising around town, picking up "materials" and throwing them into the back of his truck, and his younger brother is PERFECTLY content to enjoy the ride.  Luke climbs right into the passenger side and has no desire to drive (yet!).  He puts his hands in his lap and smiles the entire time.  I look out back and see their two little heads going back and for on the lawn and it makes me smile inside and out.  

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