Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Days are Just Rough

For the most part, I'd say our transition has been relatively smooth.  I really don't feel like it's been this horrific adjustment for all of us.  Sure there are things we miss-- ready to add a few more differences down here?
1.  No garbage disposals
2.  No screens on any window or door (dust is unreal)
3.  I can't pump my own gas
4.  Toys/jewelry being swiped at church (2 different times)
5.  No Fritos, brown sugar, chocolate chips, jello pudding, cake mixes...
6.  Soda and candy is the weekly "snack" at church in nursery
7.  Prices for any service get jacked up as soon as they know
     what barrio you live in

Anyway, last Monday I woke up with a total mental block.  I couldn't understand anyone's Spanish and I didn't want to.  I wanted to throw out a joke here and there while I was out and about to see someone smile, and I'm just not quite good enough to casually throw cute comments around.  Frustrating.  I was sick of digging up soggy cereal squares mixed with oatmeal out of the sink and tired of the dirty, dusty floors. Nothing huge.  It seems as if Jake woke up on the same side of the bed, because he was moody.  Kate came home from school and told me about a little misunderstanding one of the girls had with her at school, and she started bawling saying, "I just want to play with Gracie or Elise or know, my normal friends..." She wrote a story for homework all about a girl who was looking for a friend for a month and couldn't find one.  It absolutely tore me apart.  

Jake finally looked at me and said, "Mom, how many more days are we going to be here?"  

I laughed as I tried to do some quick mental multiplication.  Decided to give up on that and give them hugs instead.  

"A few more, Jake.  A few more."   


Suzie said...

I can't imagine such a huge change. You are amazing!!!

If you have canned tomatoes, basil, salt or garlic salt and some garlic, then I can give you the greatest/easiest recipe ever for homemade spaghetti sauce... Sne me a message on FB if you want it! :)

Sue said...

You are a trooper, Julie.


Emily said...

I remember that feeling so well when I first got to Spain on my mission - when you want to crack a joke or just make a random comment and can't because of the language barrier. It feels like you lose a bit of yourself, because you can't be yourself. Of course I didn't do it with kids - I can't imagine. But with your great attitude, I'm sure the hard times will get better and you will be so glad for this time (maybe after you get back to the good ole US of A :)).