Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dia de los Santos

So, apparently the day after we celebrate the dead down here, we celebrate the Saints.  I loved it, because it gave us a 4 day weekend.  We were feeling a strong need to explore.  Hadn't done too much of it yet, and we wanted to see a little more outside of our neighborhood :)  We found out from the Millers, a great hike that was just 20 minutes away, at Aguas de Ramon.  Perfect!  We needed to get our legs moving.

 About 30 seconds into the hike, Kate and Jake were crying.  I admit, the first 20 minutes were quite steep, and they were exhausted, but really.  
 Kate perked up about 10 minutes later, but despite the smile on Jake's face, he whined and screamed the ENTIRE 20 hours.  No, it didn't take us that long, but when I was listening to him, it felt like it. 
 "I hate you.  This is the WORST DAY of my life. This is worse than the National Park!!"  
On and on and on and on and on and on and on it went.  Maybe it was the fresh air or maybe it was because we were finally doing something fun, but Joe and I did our best not to rip the kid's head off.  
Stay positive... this is fun!  We chose to ignore it.
 We finally made it to the swinging bridge and that was something to celebrate!
 View of the city below
 It was a tough hike for little legs.  I was proud of the kids for making it.  The best part about the whole day, was after the hike, Joe and Jake went to pick up some pizza at a restaurant we've been wanting to try.  On the way, Joe said to Jake, "Jake, I really had a great time with you today."  
Do you know how Jake replied?! 
 "You too, Dad?"  
It just goes to show how little minds think despite what we hear :)  

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