Monday, May 28, 2012

Stronger than Steel...

The last week in April, I was on my way to a Relief Society activity.  Joe wasn't home yet, so I asked Mark Bigelow if he wouldn't mind watching the kids for about 20 minutes, until Joe could come pick them up, and then Terra and I could go together.  I was loading the kids up in the car, when a big gust of wind came swooping through and slammed my car door shut... on my hand.  I gasped, and looked down, and saw something that disturbed me greatly!!!
My ring was completely mangled.  It was as if someone took a nice round hula hoop and just stepped on it.  Flattened and broken.  My finger hurt, but I realized the platinum saved my hand!  Thanks Joey!  Never thought the ring you picked out would keep me from MASSIVE PAIN! Here's a picture I had to take for insurance.  This was after we took pliers to make it somewhat of a circle again, so my purple finger wouldn't fall off. 

So sad.  Apparently it's fixable...but the jeweler who cut it off said this was a very first for him!  He'd never heard of anything like it.  Maybe I'll get it back on my finger someday!


Sue said...

Wow. That's crazy!


anitamombanita said...

Wow..that coulda been your finger all mangled and mashed. Platinum is good!! :)