Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fresh Air

You know when you just need it? 
We couldn't stand being cooped up any longer.  We had to get out of our germ infested house. 
It was MLK weekend and we decided to take the kids on their first fishing excursion at Del Valle in Livermore. 
 I know it looks like we are in Canada instead of California with the way the kiddos are dressed, but I wasn't taking any chances--I think most everyone was on antibiotics at this point. 
 Luke wasn't too thrilled about his get-up.
 It felt so good to be doing something not-so-ordinary, together.
 Joe was giving the kids a few tips on how to catch fish.  We laughed because we knew they had no chance at catching anything-- it was like 3:00 in the afternoon and there were plenty of other boaters making noise.  
But they were so pumped to try out their fishing poles. 

 They realized that driving the boat was more entertaining this time around.
We had a frigidly wonderful time.  Next time we'll start out a little earlier :)

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Sue said...

Anything in a boat is a good thing.