Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our First Father Son Campout

Joe took Jake the next weekend to his very first Father/Son Campout with our ward.  (We found out the week of that Joe (EQ) was in charge of the big breakfast on Saturday morning, so I made a mad dash to Costco on Friday.  I love Costco... but I digress.  Joe finally told Jake on Thursday night, that they would be going camping, and he was SO EXCITED.  Kate was ticked that she couldn't go, but I told her not to worry, we'd do something fun.
Friday morning, Jake was still asleep, and I ran out to the car to grab something in the car.  I walked back inside and locked the car.  All of the sudden, I saw Jake, wild hair and all, come bolting out of his room.  He had heard the beep of the car.  "Dad's home!  Dad's home!  We can go camping!!!!"  I hated to break it to him that he had to wait 10 more hours. 

Luke really wanted to go. 
The boys ended up going on 2 hikes and had the best time together.  Jake needed that one on one time with Joe.  He is so much happier when he has spent quality time with his Dad.  It is so good for him.  They were crawling into their sleeping bags that night in the tent and Jake looked at Joe and said, "Dad, I love it here.  Can this tent be our new home?" 
Jake slept like a log.  Joe was up at 3:30am.  Apparently his back has gotten a little soft because the rocks under him weren't melding into him too nicely ;)


Sue said...

My kids have great memories of those campouts...


Alisa said...

Way to keep up the Berryhill tradition! How fun! I LOVE the pic of Luke crawling to Joe and the car! You're next buddy in a couple years!!!