Sunday, May 27, 2012

May the Force Be With You, Jakers!

March 22, 2012
 Jake turned four and he knew EXACTLY what he wanted to do on his birthday.  He even knew what cake he wanted. I asked him what he wanted for his cake and gave him all of the options I thought he would love.  "No, I know which one.  I'll show you."  He had never seen all of my pins for desserts on Pinterest, but I thought that might be a good place to starts!  So, he sat down with me and looked at all of the pictures and when I scrolled passed this apple bundt cake, he pointed at it and said, "That's it!  That's the one I want."  I explained that it was an apple, caramel cake and that there wasn't any "cake" frosting on top, but he was adamant.  I have no idea why, he must have really liked the picture.  I was excited, because it looked DELCIOUS!  And it was!
 I made swedish pancakes for breakfast and Jake opened his presents that morning (which mostly comprised of Star Wars toys) and he and Kate and Luke had a blast playing all morning long!  I love to hear and watch them have fun together.  They couldn't get enough of it!  When Kate went to dance class, I took Jake to the toy store to pick out something.  What did he do?  Pick something out for Kate too, because she wasn't there.  He is so sweet.  After dance class, we rushed over to the movie theater and met Mom, Dad, Chris, Kalei, Jen, Brett and Gracie for popcorn and candy and the Dr. Seuss movie, The Lorax.  Jake had been waiting to see it ever since he saw a preview last November, and heard it was coming out for his birthday.  It was really cute.  Even though we were stuffed with sweets, we all drove over to Jake's dinner of choice--Sweet Tomatoes--and Joe met us there.  Afterwards, we came home and had dessert and played with a few more toys and
 had a LOT more fun. 
 Jake was in love with the shirt that Aunt Kalei and Uncle Chris picked out for him.  He wouldn't take it off, and slept in it for a few nights straight!
Don't worry, Luke wasn't forgotten :) 

Happy Birthday, Jake!  We LOVE you so much!  I am so so so blessed to have your unique self in my life.  You are one who LOVES to be "siwwy" and make people laugh.  The doctor was giving you your 4 year old check up and he asked some basic questions which you passed with flying colors.  Then he said, "Now for the hard one.  What would happen if we didn't have a roof over us?"  You thought about it while standing on the exam table in your undies and said, "Well... I guess that birds would just poop on our heads!"  You had him in hysterics.  Classic Jake.

 You always have a "Pwoject" going on and it usually involves rocks, sticks, playdough, water, food coloring, food, a cup and the freezer...;  You are completely in awe of scotch tape and use it for EVERYTHING!  In fact, Bryant Bigelow gave some to you for your birthday as a gift!!! (Loved that, Terra! It was PERFECT).  You are extremely sensitive and worry that you'll forget what I look like when you go to bed.  You've walked right up to adults (male and female), and have said, "I like how you did your hair today."  You can talk to absolutely anyone.  You are so so so cute.  You make horrific messes and then look at me and say, "I pwomise, I'll never do THAT again."  You are working on not giving up so easily.  You love to tape your toys together and creative new machines and lifeforms....what more can I say?  Just a few things when I think of you now.  Life wouldn't nearly be as colorful without you.  xoxoxoxoxoxox

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