Monday, May 28, 2012

A Little Aloha

My parents called and invited us to head to Oahu with them the first week in May.  Joe looked at his calendar and said, "Naaa...I'll be in Switzerland that same week for work." 
 "Why don't you and the kids come, Julie?"  They asked.  "OK!  Sounds good to me!"
 We started off a little rough.  I forgot Luke's FAVORITE blanket and were scrambling to find something at the airport for him to snuggle with.  We managed one of those soft neck pillows, but found that BG's sweatshirt worked way better.  Everyone did great on the flight over. 
 We had SOOO much fun with Mom and Dad.  I loved the fact that I could read every night until super late and not have to worry about getting up to do the regular tasks that call to me when we are at home.
 I loved that the kids got to go on hikes and play at the beach and in the water with Momo and BG.
 BG took Kate on their own hike up to Diamond Head and the old highway... She had complained last year, and wanted to redeem herself as a true hiker this time around.  She practically ran the entire way up the mountain.  BG was so proud of her!

 Luke loved looking at the fish and LOVED the water...especially the hot tub.  Oh, it felt so good to him.  He'd just snuggle in and before I knew it, was ready for an afternoon nap in the shade. 

 We realized we were exactly 12 hours apart from Joe.  He headed East while we went West.  Two breathtaking locations at the very same time.  How'd we get to be so fortunate?!

Lots of shell finding, shopping, malasadas eating, swimming, splashing, napping, popsicle licking, movie watching, reading, laughing and having a wonderful time with Momo and BG.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for spoiling us silly.  Even Luke screaming for almost the entire trip home didn't seem to ruin it for me.  Even when he was blowing raspberries on the women who had decided to sleep in the empty seat in front of us (unbeknownst to me) and she shot up asking why it was raining...Sigh...  We all struggled jumping back into reality.  It was more like crawling...Wonderful memories made. 

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anitamombanita said...

Sounds like a way fun adventure!!