Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kate's 1st Piano Recital--May 19, 2012

Kate has been taking Piano Lessons from Denis Lerch for about a year and a half.  She didn't participate in the recital last year, because she had just started.  She is Denise's youngest student, and she wondered if a recital would put to much pressure on Kate.  Coming from someone who messed up at practically every single recital herself, I didn't want Kate to put that kind of pressure on herself.  I just want her to love playing.  So we thought maybe she could just watch this year.  I casually brought up the recital and she started talking all about it.  She had her songs down.   "C" is for Cookie and Largo.  She even busted out Largo on the piano at Costco from memory.  It was classic.  I knew she'd be fine.  She looked so little walking up to that piano with her little feet dangling from the bench.  She was so cute.  Here are her two songs:
She did a GREAT job!!!  I was overly prepping her about how it's ok to make mistakes (I used to think if I did, I'd ruin the entire song, so when I messed up, I'd sweat and then bomb the whole thing.  It was bad.  Took me....oh....15, 20 years and a calling playing for our ward choir to get over that).  Anyway, she didn't even mess up once.  She just smiled and came back to her chair and asked when we'd get ice cream. 
Kate and Denise Lerch. 
We are so grateful for her!  She is so wonderful with Kate!!!

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anitamombanita said...

Awesome!! She did a great job!!